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residential & commercial AC, heating & Refrigeration Services

From a simple maintenance to a high-tech smart phone controlled home comfort system, we've got you covered.

A Affordable AC, Heating & Refrigeration works with residential and commercial customers to give our clients great expert service and at the best prices.  

Residential& Commercial

*All makes and models

* Maintenance (seasonal & plan based)

*Repair of all types of heat and air systems

*Freezers & Walk-in coolers

​*Humidity Control


*Mold & Bacteria prevention

​*Carbon Monoxide Monitoring & Detection

*Customized service tailored to your needs

Service & Installation

*Furnaces - (Gas, oil & electric)

​*Air Conditioners

*Heat pumps


*Fireplace Inserts

*Maintenance Agreements

*24/7 repair on all brands

Indoor Air Quality

*Air testing

*Air duct cleaning

​*Furnace Cleaning

*Duct sealing / Dust reduction

​*Whole home air cleaning system

​We work to make your air as clean and as healthy for you and your family as possible.

​A Affordable AC, Heating & Refrigeration provides a wide variety of air quality services.  Our qualified staff can:

​*Test your air to help identify health,     comfort and safety concerns. 

*Clean and sanitize air ducts and heating and cooling equipment.

*Seal leaky ducts

​*Install whole home air cleaners and design air cleaning systems that quietly and efficiently remove airborne bacteria and triggers for asthma, allergies and respiratory illness from the air your family breathes. 

quick facts-

*Indoor air pollution can be 2 to 5 higher than outdoor pollution (EPA)

*Most people spend 60-90% of their time indoors (American Lung Association)

*Children and the elderly are especially  affected by indoor air pollution.  (Dept. of Consumer Affairs)

real estate services

We work with real-estate professionals for rental services, new system installations, repairs or maintenance.  Get a clean bill of health for a unit to help get your property rented or sold at the best possible price.

For real-estate professionals: